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Sorry! This year's World Fairtrade Challenge is over! You can still support Fairtrade in many ways and celebrate Fairtrade every day with your purchases.

Thanks to people like you, more hard-working farmers and workers around the world can build better lives and brighter futures.

How? Well, there’s the Fairtrade Minimum Price for many products, which acts as a safety net when market prices drop below sustainable levels. And then there’s the Fairtrade Premium, an extra sum of money paid on top of the selling price that farmers choose how to spend. That could be improving their livelihoods through learning new farming techniques, building schools, investing in better healthcare or protecting the environment.

Our shared goal is a fair deal for all farmers and workers. Although we still have a long way to go, there are plenty of wins to celebrate.

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About the World Fairtrade Challenge

From May 12-14, 2017, join Fairtrade farmers, workers and supporters for the World Fairtrade Challenge. 

Treat your colleagues, friends or customers to Fairtrade products like chocolate, coffee or bananas. 

Organize your own Fairtrade Celebration, no matter how big or small. It could simply be the moment you eat a Fairtrade product, a coffee break with work colleagues or a dinner with family. It’s all a cause for celebration because it means Fairtrade farmers and workers getting a fairer deal.

Let’s create the biggest Fairtrade Celebration the world’s ever seen!

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Picnic Pizza

A sweet take on a timeless favorite dish, featuring Fairtrade certified cherries, tea, jam, and meringues.


Makes 2-3 servings. Preparation time 25 mins.


  • 1 each store bought pizza dough or better yet, buy from your local Pizzeria!
  • 2 tsp. Fairtrade rooibos Tea (grind to powder)
  • 2 pcs. Fairtrade raspberry meringues (crumble)
  • 1 oz Fairtrade maraschino cherries (patted dry and chopped)
  • ¾ cups Fairtrade raspberry jam
  • 3 oz Brie (sliced)
  • 2 to 1 ratio bread flour to fine milled cornmeal for stretching


  1. Preheat oven to as high as it will go, about 500°F. Place one baking steel/stone on the top rack;and one on the bottom rack for an hour to properly transfer the heat energy.
  2. Using your mixture of flour and cornmeal, dust your work surface. Roll the dough paper-thin and into a 14-inch circle. Using a fork, prick the dough; this will prevent the dough from rising too much.
  3. Slide pizza in the oven on the BOTTOM steel/stone; allow it to bake for 1-2 minutes; the dough should just begin to brown. If the dough has puffed up a bit too much just push down slightly.
  4. Take out and lay the Brie mainly on the outside of the pizza; as the cheese melts, it will naturally head towards the center. Now place on the TOP steel/stone rack, bake for 3 minutes or until crust is golden brown with some black spots and the cheese just starts to brown.
  5. Take out; add the cherries and dot the jam around the edges as you did with the cheese. Return to TOP steel/stone rack for 1 minute.
  6. Take out; let rest on a cooling rack for 1 minute. Cut into small squares. Sprinkle the meringue crumble and rooibos tea sparingly.

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